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Art to see in May

I hope everyone got a chance to see the kids art work @ K-Dog and 65 Fen.The work is amazing and comes down on the 15th.  K-Dog and 65 Fen were packed during the opening so if you need a second look this is your last chance.  Also, thank you to everyone who donated $$ to the scholarship fund.  Thanks to your help I’ll be able to offer 2 more scholarships in the Autumn.

Our beloved teacher Meghan Turbitt will have a booth on Sunday May 15th at the 5th Avenue fair in Brooklyn.  Her booth will be near Union Street and 5th Ave.

If you’re wondering where to take the kids to see some interesting art that will hold their interest, spend an afternoon on the Lower East Side.  Yes, some of the most interesting work is being shown here. You can then hop over to Chinatown or Little Italy for a snack or any of a number of hip cafes in this neighborhood.  Ok, I’ll stop planning your day but do try to check out this work and let me know your thoughts.  Please check the gallery websites for show closings and hours of operation.

My favorite show is Raffaella Chiara”s @ Frosch & Portmann (53 Stanton Strret, 646-266-5994.) Raffaella walked around the lower east side and created a collage of the architecture she experienced. What I found so compelling about this work besides how genuine it appeared was it’s playful yet serious quality. This is most evident in her cave-like paper sculpture (which is not life size.) This show is for kids and adults.

My second favorite show is Jessica Mein’s “Verso Reverso” @ Simon Preston Gallery, 301 Broome Street, 212-431-1105.  The show starts with a sweet, stop motion animation (made from hundreds of drawings) of a sign-man taking down a billboard.  In fact that’s exactly what Jessica uses for her work, discarded billboard images. In some pieces she has spent hours punching out the pixelated imagery only to reuse those very same punched out pieces of paper to reconfigure the billboard or parts of the billboards. She alters reality in a painstaking way that viewers only notice once they look closely.  She invites us to give the art a closer inspection by using smart techniques to make us curious enough to examine the work.  Her work investigates the in-between state of things appearing to look as they always have while being tainted or altered.  That sounds very official, but go see the show cause the kids will get a kick out of the stop motion video while you can look at the billboards and obsessive drawings in this show.

I saw an interesting video installation in the basement closet of the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery @ 29 Orchard Street, 212-343-4240.  It should have been in the upstairs gallery.  The artist Eva Davidova created a multi channel arresting performative video that’s worth checking out.  (There is a little nudity on one of the screens.)

Other artists to watch for  were in a large group show at Lesley Heller Workspace @ 54 Orchard Street, 212 -410-6120. I liked Audrey Hasen Russell’s sculpture made with found materials (this is great for the kids to see as they will get tons of ideas.)  I also enjoyed looking at Elisabeth Condon’s new paintings in the larger front room space of the gallery.

Also, our beloved teacher Meghan Turbitt will have a booth on Sunday May 15th at the 5th Avenue fair in Brooklyn.  Her booth will be near Union Street and 5th Ave and she’ll be selling some of her new smaller, affordable pieces.  Stop by and say hi.

That’s all for now, more to come in the next few weeks when I celebrate Mother’s Day again (I wish) and go to see more shows in Manhattan.

Manor Arts kids exhibit

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Manor Arts News!!

Read about our great arts program on the Lefferts Manor blog

Manor Arts classes in Clinton Hill

As most of you already know our classes are pretty cool so we’re offering them to our neighbors and friends in Clinton Hill. Tell your friends to look for our classes at Still Hip @ 283 Grand Ave between Clifton Place and Lafayette Ave.  Stop by and say hi.  We’ll be offering our popular

Comic Book class on Wednesdays @4:30 and our

3-D Exploration on Thursdays @ 4:30.

No class on Saturday, March 26th. Classes resume on Sunday, March 27th

Art shows in March

Hi Everyone,

There is some more good work out there in New York City.

Everyone can and should go see Myra Kalman’s work at the Jewish Museum (kids, adults, grandparents). the show opens this Friday, March 18th and closes on July 31st.  Myra’s work is whimsical and beautiful and if anyone wants to buy me a present, one of her pieces would do the trick.

Carrie Levy at the Daniel Cooney Gallery in Chelsea.  This show is not for the kiddies but well worth your time. With this body of work Levy further explores the body, pleasure and pain and the in between state of photographing these images.

Tara Donovan at The Pace Gallery in Chelsea. You have till March 19th to see these art works created with either pins or finishing nails.  A nice surprise but less imposing than her other work.  Go see it though.

First few weeks of winter classes

The kids were on fire this week.  They were excited to start new projects and it was great fun to watch them all working so diligently and having fun.

In ART MAKING I the children learned about Mandalas and patterns.  They are in the process of making an accordion treasure book in a box. Ssh, they want it to be a surprise so don’t ask them about it unless they’ve already told you.

In ART MAKING II the kids have learned about Fred Tomaselli’s  newspaper artwork collages and are making their own.

COMIC BOOK ARTS classes focused on character studies and comic book flip books.  Some kids learned how to use India ink to enhance their work.

In our 3D SCULPTURAL EXPLORATION CLASSES the kids have been involved in constructing and painting wood sculptures of animals.  They are quite beautiful.

The PORTFOLIO PREP CLASS is moving a long.  The kids were introduced to drawing techniques and are concentrating on improving their line work. We have also been busy looking and other artists drawings.

The ADVANCED ART MAKING CLASS or Post Porfolio class is busy looking at artists like Julie Merhertue and Ranjani Shettar who use different mediums to created layered art work.

Current Exhibitions in New York

Hi Everyone,

There are some very cool shows worth seeing in New York.  As always check out the work on line to make sure it’s appropriate for your kiddies.

Ellen Gallagher through Feb. 26th at Gagosian Gallery on West 24th street

Don’t miss Charles Ledray’s show at the Whitney.  Charles works in a thoughtful and ironic way using mostly miniature, hand made sculptures, here’s a link:

Beth Katleman’s Folly exhibit from January 20-February 17 at Jane Hartsook Gallery 16 Jones Street 2nd floor (between Bleeker and W. 4 St.) playful sculpture that inspires the senses and imagination.

At MoMA, this drawing show is worth seeing for the diverse style and interesting work displayed by a variety of compelling artists, here is the link  While there, don’t miss the Andy Warhol movies,  this show has some charged imagery so you might want to check it out on your own before you bring the little ones.

These shows should keep you all busy for the next few weeks before your art classes begin.

All for now. Nurit

Manor Arts Launches New Website


We have updated our website to include a blog feature where we will be able to display work from our students, as well as keep you informed of upcoming news and events. Check back here regularly for updates.