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Teen Classes


It’s been an exciting semester at Manor Arts.  The Portfolio students all got into their first choice of art high schools and all of our other students are making lovely work and having fun. So are we.

Time to start gearing up for the Spring now.  SPRING REGISTRATION has begun at Manor Arts and we’d love to include your child in our classes.

Keep in mind that spring session classes fill up very quickly and some are already full so let us know soon if you want to be sure to get a spot.

If your child is currently enrolled in one of our classes and wants to stay with us, keep in mind that all of our spring projects are new.  Class content changes from session to session.

Spring  session begins Sunday, April 22nd.

Photography Class & Bookmaking (Through the lens) (12-15 year olds)
MONDAY: 5:30-6:30

Instructor: Liz Titone. Explore your world with camera in hand and a trusty notebook at your side. You’ll learn the basics of taking great photographs then compile them into a journal you’ll make by hand. A digital camera and a sense of adventure are required for participating in this course.

Class fees for the 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee. 

Explorations in Drawing/Printmaking (14-17 year olds)
TUESDAY: 5:30-6:30

Instructor: Angela Early. You’ll  explore and learn both drawing and printmaking. Learning these techniques will inspire you to make marks, draw images and explore ideas.

Class fees for the 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee. 


Painting & Collage  (13-16 year olds)

WEDNESDAY: 5:30-6:30

Instructor: Meghan Turbitt. Students will be introduced to several contemporary artists working in collage and painting. Through the inspiration of these artists, we will explore color, collage, painting and drawing. Curiosity is all you need.

Class fees for the 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee.  

(Brought back by popular demand!)
Video/Stop Motion Animation (12-15 year olds) 
Wednesday: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Instructor: Nurit Newman. Itching to make a short movie or cool stop motion animation? Here’ s your chance to explore how videos are made, work with a video crew (peers,) learn how to use a video camera, light your subjects/objects and record sound.  We will be watching some short videos and stop motion animations during each class to inspire our young filmmakers.

Class fees for the 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee. 

Comic Book Arts/Manga (12-16 year olds)

THURSDAY: 5:30-6:30

Instructor: Meghan Turbitt. Join the fun of creating your own comic book, characters and all.  The Students will develop their own stories and characters with special powers (or not,) and learn the art of comic book or Manga construction and layout.

Class fees for the 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee. 


3-D Exploration in Sculpture I (13-16 year olds)
FRIDAY: 5:00-6:00

Instructor: Butch Merigoni. A great introduction class, in which the students will focus on different sculptural techniques, observing other artists’ and creating their own sculptures.

Class fees for listed 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee. 


Art Making II (12-15 year olds)

SATURDAY: 11:30 – 12:30

Instructor: Butch Merigoni. A more advanced drawing, painting, sculpture and collage class. We will explore unusual techniques as well as classical ones, all while being inspired by the masters and contemporary artists’.

Class fees for the 8-week sessions are $250 + $25 supply fee. 


Portfolio Prep. Class (for HS juniors and Seniors applying to Art Universities)

MONDAY: 4:30PM-6:30

Instructor: Nurit Newman. In this class we work in a variety of mediums all while reviewing master and contemporary artists’ work as inspiration.Students learn to improve their skills, come up with concepts for their art and create pieces for their portfolios in a fun and nurturing environment.  Each student gets individual attention and creates work based on their interests and the requirements necessary to meet the standards of their desired schools

Class fees $90 per 2 hour class

Contact Info: Nurit Newman
Phone: 917-754-6325