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First few weeks of winter classes

The kids were on fire this week.  They were excited to start new projects and it was great fun to watch them all working so diligently and having fun.

In ART MAKING I the children learned about Mandalas and patterns.  They are in the process of making an accordion treasure book in a box. Ssh, they want it to be a surprise so don’t ask them about it unless they’ve already told you.

In ART MAKING II the kids have learned about Fred Tomaselli’s  newspaper artwork collages and are making their own.

COMIC BOOK ARTS classes focused on character studies and comic book flip books.  Some kids learned how to use India ink to enhance their work.

In our 3D SCULPTURAL EXPLORATION CLASSES the kids have been involved in constructing and painting wood sculptures of animals.  They are quite beautiful.

The PORTFOLIO PREP CLASS is moving a long.  The kids were introduced to drawing techniques and are concentrating on improving their line work. We have also been busy looking and other artists drawings.

The ADVANCED ART MAKING CLASS or Post Porfolio class is busy looking at artists like Julie Merhertue and Ranjani Shettar who use different mediums to created layered art work.

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